January 24th, 2016
Last week, a family known to us suffered a devastating house fire--everything was lost. Mom, Dad and Baby survived, but, sadly, their dog did not. Please give generously--this family needs you. Click here to donate directly, or contact Mila Edelman ( for more information. (more)
The 1920's / Gentlemen / Shirts
Harold L$349
December 26th, 2015
Every working man knows he needs to do two things, look clean and presentable, and wear clothing durable enough for the job at hand. With this collection, every man will find the wear and good impression he desires in his working clothes. Moreover, with (more)
The 1920's / Gentlemen / Shoes
Frank L$299
December 26th, 2015
The Frank Oxford is just the shoe for the working man. Already “broken in”, there is no need to work your way to feeling comfortable with this shoe. Frank has been through the daily grind and back again, and knows your feet from every angle. (more)
The 1940's / Ladies / Dresses
Rose L$349
Bright and Breezy is how you will feel in the floral inspired dresses from the ROSE Collection. This short sleeve shirtwaist (more)
The 1940's / Ladies / Dresses
Eleanor L$349
Who can resist a crisp short sleeved shirtwaist dress on a sunny day? And clean and crisp is how you’ll feel in the (more)
The 1940's / Ladies / Dresses
Abigail L$349
There’s a War on … and we may not always have sugar, or eggs, or tea, but we always have time to look our best… (more)
The 1940's / Ladies / Shoes
Doris L$299
We all know how it feels to step into a comfortable old pair of shoes. Well, you have found them in the DORIS OXFORD. During (more)
The 1920's / Ladies / Shoes
Bessie L$299
From the sweet buttoned strap to the snazzy embroidered toe, every Flapper and Fashionable Girl will simply crave the new (more)
The 1940's / Ladies / Hats & Hair
Darlene L$249
Ladies WE CAN DO IT! …And look Fabulous doing it! You will be the darling of his heart with the tresses we like to (more)
The 1950's / Ladies / Dresses
Donna L$349
Isn’t it the perfect weather for an afternoon party, or an evening cocktail? Ladies, now you can be dressed for the (more)
The 1930's / Ladies / Dresses
Virginia L$299
Ladies, wouldn’t you love the perfect day dress? A dress that would take you from church to cafe to hairdresser to (more)